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 Alpha Psi Chapter



As an extension of all the warm smiles and hugs you will find at Alpha Chi Omega, I offer the sincerest welcome. Our humble establishment of seven founders as a musical sorority has flourished into a nationally-recognized organization with over 140 chapters and more than 300,000 women proudly wearing the lyre badge. From Chicago to London, women of the world discover their home at 638 Hilgard. Our mission statement reads “Real, Strong Women,” and these women of the Alpha Psi chapter fall nothing short of that. Alpha Chi's empower each other, united in shared values of authenticity, devotion, wisdom, and achievement. 

College and life are tumultuous in nature. But there is not enough appreciation in the world to express the gratitude for each woman in this home from whom I’ve pulled unconditional support, heartfelt advice, and belly-aching laughter. I cannot be more proud to lead this amazing group of my greatest friends and supporters in fostering growth within the chapter and community. I am honored to serve as Chapter President and have this opportunity to give back to Alpha Chi Omega even a fraction of what it has given me. 


Fiona Choi

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