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Why Alpha Chi?

The Alpha Psi Chapter at UCLA is held very closely to all of our hearts! Our sisterhood is what makes the chapter so loving and welcoming! Here are some of our members on why they love Alpha Chi Omega!

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Brittney Brannen

Member Class: Fall 2022

Hometown: Rolling Hills, CA

Major: Philosophy 

Why Alpha Chi:

"I love how down to earth everyone is and supports each other! Everyone is so unique in their own way and we all get along so well! I can see myself being friends with these girls for the rest of my life!"

Favorite AXO Memory:

"I loved doing the challenge course sisterhood day! It was so fun and I got so much closer with the girls from it!"

Crystal Rocha 

Member Class: Fall 2021

Hometown: Gardena, CA

Major: Anthropology

Why Alpha Chi:

"I chose Alpha Chi because as a transfer student, I knew that I had a very limited time to become part of a community on campus at UCLA. However, during recruitment, the girls here at Alpha Chi were so welcoming to me, and passionate about their interests, I knew I wanted to be surrounded by these compassionate and supportive women."

Favorite AXO Memory:

"My favorite AXO memory was during big/little crafting. Going shopping for gifts to give my little, and crafting with other girls in the sorority late at night after classes was such a wholesome and bonding experience."

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Charlize Maltby

Member Class: Fall 2022

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Sociology

Why Alpha Chi:

"As soon as I walked into the house during recruitment, I felt immediately welcomed and accepted! All the girls I met were genuinely happy to see me. I loved the sense of community and support that surrounds the sorority. I could not see myself anywhere besides Alpha Chi!"

Favorite AXO Memory:

"Going to the football games on the sorority buses were my favorite AXO memories! The bus rides to the football games are always so much fun. Everyone is hyped for the games and ready to cheer on the players!"

Jessie Blattner 

Member Class: Winter 2023

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

Major: Neuroscience 

Why Alpha Chi: 

"I chose Alpha Chi because I knew it was a community where I could feel supported. Everyone is driven, passionate, and genuine, and that was something that really drew me in when I was meeting girls. I also have a deep connection to our philanthropic efforts with DVA and love being able to support survivors and raise awareness"

Favorite AXO Memory:

"My favorite memory with Alpha Chi would have to be my first time sleeping over at the house. I was still pretty new to the sorority, but it was so amazing to get to know people better while watching movies and eating snacks. I felt so comfortable at the house and with all the other members, and it really was a night that solidified how perfect AXO was for me!"

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