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Love in the Bond!

 "Our sisterhood events were one of the first things I noticed and looked forward to attending after joining Alpha Chi Omega. There was always so many people bonding and getting to know one another in a comfortable environment. There's something so exciting about always being able to meet new people and getting to better know people I wasn't as close with!"

- Nandani Patel, VP Membership Programming



Sisterhood is one of the most important parts of Alpha Chi Omega! To enhance the bonds that our members have with each we also do many sisterhood events to keep the loving spirit growing! These events have consisted of many sunset picnics, pole dancing classes, painting, bouquet making, and so much more! Creating casual and no-stress environments for our members help many of them get closer to others in the chapter! Our sisterhood events occur many times each quarter and range from sleepovers at the house to going to 6-flags for the day!


Alpha Chi's love going to support the bruins from traveling to the Rose Bowl to camping out together to get into a basketball game! Going to different events where Alpha Chi can show their UCLA pride is one of our favorite things to do! It makes it even better that we get to enjoy it with our sisters!

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638 Hilgard

Living at 638 Hilgard is one of the best bonding experiences that our members have! Being able to live with your best friends while also having spots to study, places to lounge, and incredible cooks, makes living in the house one of the best experiences!

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